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I have ordered. Now what?

Can I change or add to my order after it’s been placed?

Not yet—we're working on that feature. For now, you'll need to place a new order with the additional items. If you need to do something more complicated than that, send an email to help@clustertruck.com ASAP and we’ll see what we can do. Things move pretty quickly around here (it's kind of our thing), so your first order might already be in the works by the time you realize you forgot something.

How can I cancel an order?

Send an email to help@clustertruck.com ASAP and we’ll see what we can do. Things move pretty quickly around here, so no guarantees if your food has already been made. But don't worry—get in touch, and we will get it worked out. 

Can I track my order?

You sure can! Keep your browser window open after you place your order, and it'll automatically update to show what's happening with your order right now.  

My order is in the cloud. What does that mean?

When your order is in the cloud, that means it is one of many orders being placed around the same time. We made you the promise that your food would reach your hands as fresh as possible, and we meant it. Your order hangs out in the cloud until there is somebody on their way to pick it up for you. Then (and only then), our chefs begin cooking each item in your order with just enough time to make sure it all finishes at the same time and goes straight out the door to you. So—no matter how long you may have waited for your food to arrive, rest assured that it never spend a moment getting soggy under a heat lamp.

My delivery is taking too long. 

Delivery times depend on the time you placed your order and how many orders are ahead of yours. We usually try to warn you when wait times are longer than usual. If you feel like your order has taken longer than expected, you can chat with us or send an email to help@clustertruck.com.

There is something wrong with my order. 

The easiest way to get help is to click the REPORT A PROBLEM button from your order history. You can also email help@clustertruck.com. We monitor that email address constantly while the kitchen is open, so we promise you'll get help quickly that way.

How can I print a receipt?

Log into your account and choose ORDERS from the main menu to access your order history. Find the order that you need the receipt for and click on the word "receipt" for a downloadable and printable PDF.

Ordering with friends.

I have a LOT of people to feed. Is there a simple way to order for a group?

You bet! Use our Group Order feature to easily gather everyone’s orders, whether you're paying all together or everyone's paying separately.

How do we split the check?

When you start the Group Order, the group leader will select the option "Everybody pays separately." Then, when each person adds their food to the order they will be prompted to enter in their own payment information. 

I still need help!

I can't find your phone number. How can I speak to a human being?

We are all humans here, we promise. We don't have a phone because we've found that handling issues online makes it easier for several of us to work together to address your issue quickly. There are two ways you can reach us, and they are BOTH constantly monitored while the kitchen is open:  

Update my account.

How do I update my account information?

Log into your account and click your name on the main menu bar to access your account information. This will allow you to update your name, email and mobile number. You can also remove saved credit cards from your account here. However—to add a new credit card, you'll need to place an order and enter your new card information during the checkout process.

Before you order.

Can I schedule my delivery to arrive at a certain time?

You sure can! The checkout process will ask you whether you want your order as soon as possible, or on a certain date. You can schedule your order up to seven days in advance, with 30-minute delivery windows. 

Where can I find nutritional information/calorie counts for my food?

We don't have this information publicly available yet, but we're working on it. If you have a question about specific ingredients or allergens, drop us a note at help@clustertruck.com.

Why am I not in the zone?

Simply put, our delivery zone is based on the amount of time it takes drivers to make a round trip between the ClusterTruck kitchen and you. We promise our customers food that's fresh from the kitchen, so we have to keep our zone pretty tight to make sure that we're able to keep that promise—every single time. We put quite a lot of analysis into determining where we draw that line. If you're close, you can always have us deliver to an address that's inside the zone and meet our driver there—the beauty of that curbside delivery!

Why do I have to verify my phone number?

This is the only way our drivers are able to reach you when they are delivering your food. Texting office phones tends not to work out, so it's super important to make sure your number is correct and that you have your phone handy. If they can't find you, they can't give you your food.

Do you take cash?

Nope, sorry. We live on the internet, so we can only accept electronic payments. Our drivers do accept cash tips, but you'll have to pay for the meal online. 

Can I purchase a ClusterTruck Gift Card?

Not yet, but we LOVE that you want to share ClusterTruck with someone special and we are working on a way to make this possible. Meanwhile, consider gifting some cool ClusterTruck swag from our Shirt Shop!

What is ClusterTruck?

What even is this?

ClusterTruck is a one-of-a-kind delivery restaurant that brings people restaurant-quality food wherever they are—at home, work or their favorite haunts. We believe hungry people should never have to compromise between the convenience of fast delivery, the food quality they’d get at a sit-down restaurant and the personality of street food, so we created a service that offers all of the above. Unlike other food delivery services out there, we make all of our own food in one central kitchen and never start cooking until there is a driver available to deliver the food to you. That’s how we’re able to deliver meals that are hot and fresh, every time. Our delivery zone currently covers downtown districts in Indianapolis, Indiana; Columbus and Cleveland, Ohio; Kansas City, Missouri; Minneapolis, Minnesota; and Denver, Colorado. You can go to ClusterTruck.com and enter your address to check whether we’re delivering in your area.

Where does the truck park?

Okay, so we talk about "trucks" sometimes, but we are actually not a food truck. We are a delivery restaurant, so we actually bring the food to wherever you are! Our virtual trucks are just a convenient way for you to navigate our massive menu. Our delivery zone currently covers downtown Indianapolis, Indiana; Columbus and Cleveland, Ohio; Kansas City, Missouri; Minneapolis, Minnesota; and Denver, Colorado.. You can go to ClusterTruck.com and enter your address to see if your home or work is in our range. You can also have us deliver to public places and breweries that don't serve their own food!